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S:"O cortejo da paz", in Ilustração Portuguesa, 24th November 1919, nº718, p.411, Hemeroteca Municipal de Lisboa.

quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2011

We have the honour to announce that Prof. José M. Magone, from Berlin School of Economics and Law, will participate at the conference

Curriculum Vitae

·         Berlin School of Economics and Law
·         Department of Business and Economics
·         Professorship for Global and Regional Governance

Academic and Professional Career
·         1988: Awarded M. Phil. in Political Science and History, University of Vienna (Austria)
·         1992: Doctorate (D. Phil.) in Political Science, University of Vienna (Austria)
·         1990-91:Visiting Research Fellow am Centre for Mediterranean Studies, University of Bristol (United Kingdom)
·         1992-93: Lecturer in Sociology and Political Science at Instituto Piaget (Lisbon)
·         1993-2001: Lecturer in European Politics, University of Hull (United Kingdom)
·         1993-94: Higher Education Teaching Certificate (HETC), University of Hull (awarded on 28 July, 1994)
·         2001-2007: Senior Lecturer in European Politics, University of Hull (United Kingdom)
·         2007-2008: Reader in European Politics , University of Hull(United Kingdom)
·         Since 02/2008: Professor of Global and Regional Governance at the FHW Berlin - now the Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL)

Visiting Fellowships and Professorships
·         1997: Visiting Researcher at Centre for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Juan March Institute in Madrid (Spain)
·         1999: Karl W. Deutsch Visiting Professor at Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
·         2001: University of Granada (Spain), 2002: CirCap, University of Siena (Italien)
·         2007: University Salamanca (Spain)

Key Aspects of practice
·         Global and regional governance
·         Comparative European politics
·         European integration
·         Politics of Southern Europe

International contacts (e. g.)
·         Member of the Political Studies Association (Great Britain)
·         Member of the Spanish Association for Political Science and Administration (AECPA)
·         Researcher within the research network concerning sub-national democracy in Europe
·         Contributor to the European Data Yearbook of the European Journal of Political Research since 1993

·         1990: Robert Schumann Stipend of the European Parliament ? time spent in Luxemburg

External relations
·         Several European universities, in particular in Spain (incl. Autonomous University of Barcelona ? UAB, University of Barcelona, Juan March Institute, University of Grenada), Great Britain (in particular University of Cardiff), the Netherlands (Rotterdam Erasmus University), Italy (University of Siena) and Germany (University of Jena)

Expert for
·         Global and regional governance
·         Politics of Southern Europe
·         European Regional Policy
·         Comparative European Politics

Key Aspects in Teaching
·         Social structure and political economy of modern societies
·         Regional studies - comparing regions, states and markets
·         Business, Company and Work - historical and sociological perspectives
·         Strategic Management ? sociological perspectives

Research Projects and Fields
·         Portugal expert within the research project ?Handbook of sub-national democracy in the European Union? ? coordinated by Sean Loughlin (University of Cardiff), Frank Hendriks (University of Tilburg) and Professor Anders Lindstrom (Umeå University, Sweden) 2008-2009
·         Southern Europe expert within the project ?Career Patterns of Ministerial Elites in Europe? ? coordinated by Michael Erdinger and Prof. Heinrich Best (University of Jena) 2008-2010

Selected, current Publications
·         Contemporary European Politics. A Comparative Introduction (London: Routledge 2011) [COMPANION WEBSITE:; GOOGLE BOOKS PREVIEW:]
·         Portugal: Local Democracy in a Small Centralized Republic. In: John Loughlin, Frank Hendriks and Anders Lidström (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Local and Regional Democracy in Europe. (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2011), pp. 384-409.
·         The Role of the EEC in the Spanish, Portuguese and Greek Transitions. In: Gregorio Alonso, Diego Muro (eds.), The Politics and Memory of Democratic Transition. The Spanish Model. London: Routledge 2010), pp. 216-235.
·         Portugal. In: Juliet Lodge (ed.), The 2009 Elections to the European Parliament. (Basingstroke: Palgrave 2010), pp. 224-234.
·         Contemporary Spanish Politics. Second extended edition (London: Routledge 2009) [GOOGLE BOOKS PREVIEW:]
·         Europe and Global Governance. In: Chris Rumford (ed.), Handbook of European Studies. (London SAGE 2009), pp. 277-295.
·         Leaderless Enlargement? The Difficult Reform of the New Pan-European Political System. In: Jack Hayward (ed.), Leaderless Europe? (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2008), pp. 188?207.
·         The Southern European Pattern of Parliamentary Scrutiny of EU legislation: Emulating the French Model. Holzhacker,Ronald and Erik Albaek (eds.), Democratic Governance and European Integration. Linking Societal and State Processes of Democracy. (Cheltenham: Edgar Elgar 2007), pp. 229?248
·         South European national parliaments and the European Union. An inconsistent reactive revival. In: John O?Brennan and Tapio Raunio (eds.), National Parliaments within the Enlarged European Union. From ?victims? of integration to competitive actors? (London: Routledge 2007), pp. 116?131.
·         The New World Architecture. The Role of the European Union in the Making of Global Governance. (New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction 2006) (single-authored), 335 p., ISBN 0-7658-0279-1 [GOOGLE BOOKS PREVIEW:]